Additional Services

AusMigration Consultants also specialize in all aspects of migration Appeal or Review  ( declined/rejected visas) to MRT (Migration review tribunal), RRT (refugee review tribunal), AAT (administrative appeals tribunal) and direct ministerial appeals. In addition to our migration consultation, we also offer other related services such as  insurance service, educational assistance (see students page), skilled assessment services, cancellation of visa, deportation and Australian citizenship (see citizenship page) by our well qualified and expert consultants. Please refer below for further information

Appeal of Migration decisions (for rejected or declined visas)

We provide  Appeal or Review services for a rejected or declined visas. Our process of Appeal is directly to the migration review tribunal (MRT) refugee review tribunal (RRT) and administrative review tribunal (AAT). These bodies have the power to conduct a merits review of some decisions made by officers of the immigration department. Merits review is where the review body considers the merits of the case, such as all the facts, evidence,  the applied law and then comes to the correct or preferable decision, just as if it was the original decision maker. Our expert consultants will discuss with you and prepare your case as may be applicable. These tribunals can make a decision to either confirm the original decision, to vary it or to overturn the original decision.  Our consultants also specialize in providing a direct Ministerial appeal to the minister for immigration. It is possible to ask the minister to make a more favorable decision. The minister has the power to substitute a decision more favorable to the applicant if it is in the public interest to do so. The minister has the power to grant a visa even if the applicant does not meet all the legal requirements. Whatever your circumstances may be for your declined or rejected visas, please consult us for the appeal process and our expert staff will be able to appeal your case.

Insurance Services

We represent many Health insurance companies and educational institutions (for students link to students page).Some visas such as student visas, some  visitor visas, worker visas  require the applicant to have a valid insurance certificate before a visa can be issued. We can select the most appropriate insurance via our panel of insurance companies and best of all we can email the insurance certificate from our office directly to your visa processing country or office for a faster visa approval without any delay.

Assistance, Advise & Consultation to applicants whose visa has been cancelled or those who are to be deported:

If your visa has been cancelled, our migration Consultants can be consulted for immediate advise and appeal process if applicable .For those applicants who have been advised to be deported or are about to be deported, please immediately contact our migration consultants to seek your rights and review procedure. There may be immediate options for review or appeal which our expert consultants can advise.

Skill Assessment or Qualification Assessment Services and Appeal or Review services for Skill Assessments:

Our Migration Consultants have exceptional abilities into all aspects of Migration related matters. We provide skill assessment services into all types of occupations and to all Skill Assessment Bodies. A skilled visa application cannot be applied for or pursued unless the applicant has a successful skill assessment of their occupation/qualification. Our consultants will look at your case, educational backgrounds, work experience, knowledge and select the most appropriate applicable occupation that may be suited to you and that would be on the Skilled Occupation List (List of occupations under which applicants can Migrate).Once this is done, our consultants can then proceed to gather all your hard copies of relevant documents and proceed to assess your skills with the appropriate skill assessment bodies. Our consultants are also experts into providing Appeal or Review services for any unsuccessful Skill Assessments.