Australian Citizenship

Australian citizenship represents your commitment to Australia and commences your official membership of the Australian community. While inspiring you with a sense of belonging and rewarding you with many beneficial privileges, it allows you to fully participate in all aspects of Australian life and culture. AusMigration specialist consultants can assist you greatly with the process of acquiring your citizenship. We offer assistance and services for applicants wishing to apply for citizenship, preparing for the application procedures, and applicants who were unsuccessful in obtaining their citizenship but wish to further upgrade their knowledge and skills and re-apply for citizenship or pursue alternative options.

Being an Australian Citizen offers certain rights and obligations. Some people will become an Australian citizen automatically, such as being born in Australia when at least one of the parents is an Australian Citizen or permanent resident. Australian law also now permits dual citizenship. Australian citizens have the right to live in Australia and to travel in and out of the country without any restriction and they cannot be removed or deported from Australia unless they lose their citizenship. The rights of an Australian Citizens are as per below:

  • Vote in Government elections
  • Eligible for HECS (Higher education contribution scheme)
  • Apply for any public office or stand for election  as a Member of Parliament
  • Apply for an Australian passport
  • Apply to serve in Australian Defense Force
  • Apply for Government jobs such as permanent positions with the Commonwealth Public Service
  • When travelling  outside Australia, request emergency assistance from Australian consular staff

Additionally, Australian citizens are also eligible for a loan under the Higher Education Loan Program for their student contribution or tuition fee.

Obligations of Citizenship: The laws of Australia must be obeyed by everyone. The obligations of Australian Citizens should also be adhered, such as:

  • If 18 years or over, enroll on the electoral register and vote at Fedral,State and local government elections
  • Serve on a jury if required
  • Defend Australia should the need arise.

Eligibility for Australian Citizenship:

Your eligibility for Australian citizenship may be subject to certain factors and conditions, such as:

  • A basic knowledge of English is required (exceptions  for some people)
  • You must have been present in Australia as a permanent resident for two years in the previous five years, including for twelve months in the past two years
  • Must be of good character
  • Must have sufficient  familiarity of the responsibilities of being an Australian Citizen
  • You must have intentions to reside in  Australia, or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia

Depending on your circumstance, some exemptions to the above conditions may be valid; children born overseas to an Australian citizen can also be registered as an Australian citizen provided they meet a few additional requirements.  For further assistance and advice please visit our contact page.