Student Visas

Student Visa and services

Australia consists of many well established and reputable educational institutions with a rising cumulating demand for students. Students from all around the world enter Australia each year to commence courses, upgrade their qualifications and consequently apply/ obtain P.R.

Over the years we have handled a substantial amount of successful student visas from all around the world including, India, china, Europe and the middle east. Our student services range from not only providing advice but selecting relevant courses, enrolment services, health Insurance services and more. We represent many educational institutions all over Australia, either for trade technical or undergraduate and postgraduate university courses. We also organize permission to work for students, transport, accommodation and settlement services.

Furthermore we also provide appeal services for any student cancelled visas. After students graduate or complete their studies we also provide skill assessment and the graduate skilled visa services for them. Visa requirements and eligibility shall be dependant on the passport held and what subclass of student visa is applied for. Student visa applicants are subject to different assessment levels (AL), the Als reflect risks of visa non compliance (example Al1 is the lowest risk level and al5 is the highest) . As some qualifications in Australia are not recognized for migration purposes , AusMigration’s   advice can  benefit you greatly and it is our pleasure to assist our clients with professional advice and ethical services. For further advice and assessment of eligibility please visit our contact page.